Executive must get to work on waiting lists

Paula Bradshaw20172Alliance South Belfast Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said there is no further excuse for any delay in establishing an Executive to tackle waiting lists and deliver on health transformation.

Ms Bradshaw stated: “The Executive should be up and operational, facing up to the real challenges to our public services and the need for a proper reform process in health and social care.

“Parties received a mandate in March and with that comes a responsibility to deal with key issues such as waiting lists. What is required is an absolute commitment from all to implement the health transformation process as outlined by Professor Bengoa’s panel, and an absolute assurance they will get on with the job as soon as possible.

“That is the way to deliver a reduction in waiting lists for good. Anything less than that will confirm the increasingly common view some parties are simply running away from their responsibility to govern on behalf of people and their families currently experiencing great concern and stress as they wait for vital treatment or diagnoses.”

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