Bradshaw presents petition calling for equal access to cancer drugs

pb-petition-for-equal-access-to-cancer-drugsAlliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw MLA today delivered a petition – signed by over 10,000 people, to the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The petition calls on the Sinn Fein Minister to make sure that citizens in Northern Ireland have equal access to cancer drugs.  People in Northern Ireland pay the same taxes and national insurance contributions as people in England, and are entitled to the same benefits.

Paula Bradshaw said, “Let us not be diverted by some sort of notion this is about money. We regularly find tens of millions to pump into the system in different areas before elections. The funding required for vital drugs is but a drop in the ocean of the overall health budget and could be found if the will existed.

“There has been a change of approach in England and there must now be a change of approach in Northern Ireland – to engage with the National Institute of Clinical Excellence so people here have exactly the same access to vital drugs as those elsewhere in the UK.”

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