Bradshaw says real and meaningful health reform vital

PB APNI shotAlliance Health spokesperson Paula Bradshaw has said it is vital the Executive provides “real and meaningful” reform of services to give local people world-class health care.

South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw was speaking as Health Minister Michelle O’Neil announced her Department had received the report from the Expert Panel tasked with restructuring health and social care here. The Minister’s response is due in the autumn.Ms Bradshaw said the process needed to result in world-class healthcare, free at the point of access.

“There is nothing more important than ensuring the Health and Social Care sector in Northern Ireland is fit for purpose and sustainable. That is why it is crucial any forthcoming consultation from the Department of Health is extensive and takes in the views of all interested parties.

“That procedure needs to provide innovative opportunities for the wider public to participate so they can ensure maximum input and future ownership of the service.

“It is vital all other Departments also follow this process and play their own role in any consultation in the future to we can have important link-ups and ensure the achievement of the first-rate delivery of health and social care services we deserve.”

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